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The Supervillain Who Wears Lab Coat – Amazing Spiderman

Great power comes with great responsibility. This is (I think) the most memorable lines that the Amazing Spiderman had ever written in its context. Everyone is now waiting on when the next anthology will be officially released but there are speculations that it would be in theaters July 3. And with the great effects given by “The Avengers” and great trailer provided by the “Dark Knight Rises”, all are expecting a similar or much greater effects and story for this movie.

This month, a new trailer has been released by Sony (the makers of Spiderman Trilogy) that showcases new and slimier enemy in the form of Lizard. This color green reptile is more ferocious and terrifying that never been seen in the past installment of the movie.

What is more interesting is that “The Lizard” is doing his job of propagating terror and menace to the city while wearing a lab coat. But do not be afraid to our doctors with similar uniform as they will never be transforming to a creature like this. In the movie, he is actually Dr. Curtis Connors and is included in the medical surgery team performing operations while in the battlefield. I will not spoil the best part on how he becomes this giant lizard. You show watch the movie for a more precise and exciting story.

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Posted by on May 4, 2012 in Movie Review


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