Famous Physicians

Famous Physicians for Medicine Advancements

Rene FavaloroRene Favaloro, creator of modern bypass procedure. He is a physician from Argentina who developed the Coronary Artery Bypass procedure which is mainly performed on patients with hearth illness. He started working as a resident surgeon in a clinic found in Cleveland and was able to be included as a member of the surgery team. With his idea in using a “saphenous vein” (a vein that can be found in the human leg and thigh) to be used in coronary surgery was a success. The procedure did in 1967 that allows the bypassing of coronary artery permits blood to flow through the saphenous vein gave him the prestige he was having by that time and until now.

Christiaan BarnardChristiaan Barnard, first every surgeon to perform complete human heart transplant. On December 3, 1967, he executes the first ever heart transplant to a patient name Louis Washkansky who was a diabetic and an incurable heart disease. Barnard successfully manages to implant another heart to the patient’s chest after nine hours of surgery. After the procedure, he instantly became famous and has done several heart surgeries after that. Because of his ideology, more and more people with heart disease have the option to be treated with the said procedure.

Theodor BillrothTheodor Billroth, father of modern abdominal surgery. A surgeon born in Austria, Billroth improve the way the procedures are performed and are now being used by present surgeons. The abdominal areas consist of different organs like kidney, liver and stomach. With the principles applied, he successfully achieves better surgery procedure to the abdomen section reducing greater number of complications to the patients.


Jean-Martin CharcotJean-Martin Charcot, father of modern neurology. It is a branch of medicine that deals with the functions, anatomy and even disorder of nerves in a human nervous system. He was the first to name or describe variety of disease like “multiple sclerosis”, “proprioception”, and “Charcot-Marie Tooth disease”. Charcot is also famous outside the neurologist community with his work and understanding about hypnosis and hysteria.


Pierre FauchardPierre Fauchard, father of modern dentistry. A French physician, who first coined basic oral anatomy, studied and performs variety oral surgery like decay removal, tooth extraction and transplantation. He is also the very first physician who wrote a book covering complete information about dentistry. The dental procedures used today are based on Pierre’s concept on dental prosthesis which makes him a renowned dentist of all time. Pierre also develop variety of dental instrument used for surgery and are still used in modern days though with a little reconstruction on materials and style.



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