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Anti-Smoking Campaign Heightened

Some say that quitters never win. Our parents, in early age, thought us that we should never give up and always pursue what is best for us. There is even a popular poem “Don’t Quit” that teaches everyone that whatever hardship that you may face, you should not quit. Such rule can be true in many purposes of life and quitting will just result to miserable and unjustified living. However, there are several things about life that needs to be stop early before it gets worst. Just like in the boundary of health and wellness, quitting can be a good sign of becoming healthier.

Smoking is one in the top of the chart that causes severe damage to internal organs, specifically the lungs. Though there are campaigns being carried out by the government like putting a quote packs saying that “Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health”. Still, such habit does not prevent those who love to smoke in continuing their addiction.

Anti tobacco / smoking campaigns are now being implemented around the world changing the lifestyle of everyone addicted to it includes those so-called second hand smokers. From the past, such campaign is done in the early 1940. It was the Nazi Government led the movement preventing the use of cigarette in public places and transportation. By then, it was the most intensive and powerful anti smoking crusade prompted by the strongest German politician and leader Adolf Hitler.

German Anti Smoking Ad

Today, the crusade is now being administered around the world preventing the use of such destructive addiction in public places such as schools, health facilities, public patio, and parks. No tobacco sales should be allowed below 18 years old which primarily the age where teens start to be addicted. Tobacco ads in all mass media including TV advertisements are prohibited as minors have wide access to these materials. Anti smoking graphics and infomercials are also been launched to inform the public that smoking can really kill.

With strict implementation to the rules and guidelines of this Anti smoking campaign, I think that it will have a bigger chance in not stopping but lessening the use of cigarettes across the globe. Organizations like WHO (World Health Organization) and CDC (Center of Disease Control and Prevention) are committed to implement strict rules and regulations for such campaign. Both groups hope that such movement will motivate everyone to stop or even minimize the use of cigarette especially in public locations.

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Advancement in Cancer Treatment – The Power of Curry Powder

Every day, scientist, doctors, nurses and other medical practitioners are studying, doing research and making ways to improve treatment. These medical professionals are our unspoken, unheard of heroes that are working behind the public formulating new medicines and equipment that will save more lives.

In connection, there is some ongoing research on how a specific ingredients used for cooking can greatly reduce side effects when undergoing for bowel cancer treatment. Once a patient is diagnosed for bowel cancer, a combination of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are done to either remove or hinder the cancer cells develop further.

Curry or most commonly known as “Curry Powder” originated in pre-historic time and mainly used as spice to dishes in India, Thailand, and China. Today, this spice is widely used around the globe by which dishes with curry is served by different restaurants. Little do everyone know that a certain ingredient in curry reduces the side effects of chemotherapy.

According to the research conducted by the Department of Cancer Studies and Molecular Medicine located at the University of Leicester, a certain curcumin (found in curry powder) can actually help patients undergoing such therapy. With such discovery, patients with bowel cancer (or any other cancer related therapy – not yet confirmed) can help them to go through the therapy longer.

The research is done only on laboratory testing by which cancer cells undertaking chemotherapy. The treatment result is far beyond their expectation giving additional power just by simply adding the new ingredients to the procedure. Although there is no confirmation yet about the effectiveness of such ingredient, investigation and testing will soon begin to whether curcumin is safe to be an additional treatment in the current structure of chemotherapy procedure.

Let us all hope a good response to the patients who will be giving their approval to be the chosen few for such experiment. If successful, this would be a big breakthrough in medical world giving bowel cancer patients more possibility for a positive outcome and lesser pain during treatment.

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